Warning on Products from Unauthorized Distributors

It has brought to our attention that potential counterfeit Akko keyboards are being sold by unauthorized distributor Corn Electronics on Newegg. Those might fall short of Akko’s quality standards, and could possibly cause a customer’s product to malfunction as well as cause serious safety issues that don’t conform with FCC, CE and Rohs tests performed by Akko, and as required by local government of the target market.   While we continue to thoroughly investigate their sources, we must warn customers of the quality and reliability risks associated with buying from unauthorized distributor. Selling counterfeit Akko keyboards also infringe our trademark (US Registration No. 5,797,606) that was printed on every keyboard and package.   Should you find products that you are not sure about send us an email (with as much information about the seller / website as possible) and we will determine the authenticity.  

                                              Shenzhen Najia Electronics Co., Ltd



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